An Introduction to AlarmAlert!

The ActionAlert system developed by Falcon Wireless now provides improved safety for courtrooms and offices all over Alabama.  The newest system, installed in Butler County, Alabama offers incredible capability at minimal cost. Click here for more information.

The new AlarmAlert system is capable of also sending text messages to cell phone users when connected to the Internet.  Unlike private security services, there are no monthly charges associated with the system. AlarmAlert is perfect for protecting schools and classrooms. Click here for information concerning a recent installation.

Burch Falkner, President of Falcon Community Services disclosed that this system was the cornerstone of a community wide service which might qualify for federal matching funds through a modification of municipal or county disaster mitigation safety plans.  Additional information is available for business, institutional, and governmental agencies desiring to improve personal safety while simultaneously reducing crimes of assault, burglary, theft and vandalism.  Phone 205.854.2611, or contact us by email at for more information.

The new system can provide instant notification to law enforcement officers directly to their VHF 2-way radios by broadcasting a pre-recorded voice message indicated a need for assistance and the location requiring aid.